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HAAD-RN試験番号:HAAD-RN テスト問題集
試験科目:「HAAD Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses」

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NO.1 To remove soft contact lenses from the eyes of an unconscious patient the nurse should:
A. Lifts the lenses with a dry cotton ball that adheres to the lenses
B. Pinches the lens off the eye then slides it off the cornea
C. Tenses the lateral canthus while stimulating a blink reflex by the patient
D. Uses a small suction cup placed on the lenses
Answer: B


NO.2 A patient admitted to the hospital in hypertensive crisis is ordered to receive hydralazine
(Apresoline) 20mg IV stat for blood pressure greater than 190/100 mmHg. The best response of the
nurse to this order is to:
A. Give medication if patient's blood pressure is > 190/100 mmHg
B. Administer the dose and repeat as necessary
C. Give the dose immediately and once
D. Call the physician because the order is not clear
Answer: C

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NO.3 A patient with duodenal peptic ulcer would describe his pain as:
A. Intermittent colicky pain
B. Gnawing sensation relieved by food
C. Colicky pain intensified by food
D. Generalized burning sensation
Answer: B


NO.4 A newborn infant is assessed using the Apgar assessment tool and scores 6. The infant has a
heart rate of 95, slow and irregular respiratory effort, and some flexion of extremities. The infant is
pink, but has a weak cry. The nurse should know that this Apgar score along with the additional
symptoms indicates the neonate is:
A. Needing special assistance
B. Needing immediate life-sustaining measures
C. Functioning normally
D. Needing to be warmed
Answer: A

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